The spherical Mega-4 airplane with no wings or the V-7 private jet wired with Nintendo. A remote-controlled vacuum cleaner or washer/dryer chamber that rotate horizontally and vertically between cycles.  Whether it was dreaming up far-fetched ideas like aerodynamically-challenged airplanes or your more standard household items, I have always loved coming up with solutions to problems since I was a kid. Though these ideas were products of my childhood imagination and not all quite realistic, I enjoyed trying to make peoples lives easier with clever solutions.

Today, I carry on my childhood passion for problem-solving, albeit, now I take a bit more holistic approach and seek to understand the bigger picture.  I am curious and naturally inquisitive. A creative thinker. I am eager to learn and I am extremely adaptable. I love everything about startups and learning how to help achieve traction and growth. 

I love building products, too. From the numerous side projects I have worked on with friends and developers to working at a successful SaaS businesses through my career, the opportunity to build great products is what gets me up every morning. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk products, technology, or business.